Vladislav Kostadinov, an amateur photographer

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The art of capturing moments

My name is Vladislav Kostadinov, a Bulgaria born professional architect and interior designer. I am a photographer amateur. I love travelling and living on different places. My profession is bringing me on many inspiring places around Europe, where I live, work, travel and take photos. I always try to understand as much as possible the place and the culture where I shoot. It is never a half-day brake with a camera. For me the photography is connected with deeper understanding of the new city and vanishing into its own rhytm.

I love the cities. Of course I love the nature and the small vilages as well, but I am tottaly in love with the bugger cities. The cities with past and long history. I used to live in some countries and many cities and I need the time before I raised my lens and focuse the life in it. I like the new cusine, culture and languages, and before all the new people I meet there. I like the documentary and reportage photography and I don’t use filters or software to change the truth in front of the camera – ugly or beautiful.

If you would like to know more about me or if you like my photos I’ll be happy to receive few lines from you on the email. This website is currently still under construction.

More info is coming really soon…